The Experience

I live to capture those in-between moments. The unposed, the laughter, the tears, the most missed points in time.

Let's skip the small talk.

I want to showcase you. Your personality. the love, the laughter, and everything in-Between.


I want you to be investing in more than just a photographer. You deserve someone that will invest in you and provide you with an unforgettable experience. I want your photos to reflect you, I'm not here to stage your life. I am here to capture moments the way they happened, the way you remember them. All the smiles, the laughter and silliness, the grumpy kids, and even those quick booty grabs. I want your photos to tell your story, to be a moment paused in time. A moment captured that you will be able to share for years to come. 

Your personal
hype man

I do not want to be a random stranger, I want to be a friend. From the moment we book, I will be your personal hype man, your third wheel. I want to represent you and everything about you. I always love chatting first to get to know you and to make sure we vibe together, making you feel comfortable to so important to me. 

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Your photos should be something you can cherish forever.At your wedding, I will not just follow you around like a lost puppy. That loved filled dance between your grandma and grandpa, i am going to be all over it. I strive to snap photos of your loved ones in attendence. A wedding is such a special day in time but what is even more special, is being surrounded by your most cherished friends and family.

It is almost impossible to recreate momoments in time.

If the location allows and your dog is well behaved, bring them. I love photographing dogs. I mean, that is where my photography journey began. I consider my dogs to be family so it only makes sense to include them in all of our happy moments, right? Dogs bring about so much love and happiness and are a perfect match for those candid photos.  

Yes, of course you can bring your dog.

End of Life sessions.

A dog's life is just too darn short and it's so hard to think about letting them go. If you are anything like me, you have thousands of pictures of your dog in your camera roll. Heck, it might be the only photos in your camera roll. But, the one thing you will regret, is not having enough photos of you and your beloved companion. Want to get one last session in together? Let's chat. 

You should be as stress free as possible on your big day, delegating someone to handle all the little details and mishaps will help put you at ease. Wedding days can be very stressful so I always suggest hiring a day of coordinator, but if this is not within your budget, I certainly can help (to an extent). I am always here for any timeline suggestions or assistance but make sure you have a go-to person set in place if you are not going to have a coordinator.  

What if we do not have a wedding coordinator?

Still have questions? Let's Chat!

I strive to provide you with my best work possible. If I believe that the weather will prevent me from doing so, I will reschedule your session. If it is just overcast skies, I will not reschedule. Keep in mind, that sometime a little rain can be a lot of fun and can create lots of great memories. 

What if the weather is bad?

As long as the location we are shooting at allows pets, I am totally fine with you bringing your dog. But please keep in mind, I am not a dog trainer and will not be responsible for your dog's behavior. Also, please be respectful of your dog, if they do not behave well or respond well to unfamiliar locations/people, please leave them at home. It is not fair to your dog and it is not fair to me to put either of us in an uncomfortable situation.

Can I bring my dog?

I try to offer several avenues to make it easier for you! I accept payment through cash, check, venmo, and electronic invoices (i.e. paypal). I know budgeting can be difficult so please reach out if you would like to set up a payment plan. All fees must be paid before photos are delivered.

How do you accept payment?

One of my favorite things about each session is that they are all unique to the individuals. I love to explore new places and am always down for an adventure. If you are unsure where you want to take photos, reach out! I have several go-to locations. Unsure about what to wear? Let's chat! I love putting outfits together and creating colors palettes!

What about locations and Outfits?

When it comes to weddings, I average about 50 images per hour of work. Additionally, the selected package will impact the number of photos you will receive.

Regular sessions will have a base number of photos that will be included

How many photos will I Receive?

You will receive the edited files via an online photo gallery service. Here you will be able to view and download high resolution photos. You will also have the option to purchase prints and other products directly from the site. 

How will i receive the photos?

Slide into my DMs or shoot me an email. To book me, I will need A signed contract and a retainer fee! The retainer fee will officially mark you down in my books and reserve your date. I require 30% down for weddings and 50% for regular sessions. 

What does it take to book?

I do not give out raw images, mainly for a couple reasons: Raw files are incomplete and are not compatible on just any software. a lot of times people misinterpret raw images to be unedited and they are way more complex than that. I want you to hire me for my style of photography and editing. so, same thing goes for the use of filters. the use of filters will be a misrepresentation of my work and what you hired me for. I retain the copyright of the images, which restricts the altering of the images. At the end of the day, I want you to get your money's worth! I will make sure you are receiving the best of the best from your session!  

Simply put, no. 

Do you give out raw images + Can i use filters?

For regular sessions: 3-5 weeks
for weddings: 8-10 weeks
But as we all know, life happens! I will keep you up to date if my turn around time changes.
All bookings will receive sneak peaks within 24-48 hours

What is your Turn around time?

I absolutely love to travel, I mean, my husband is an airline pilot! I can travel within the states and will also hop on a plane to travel to a sunny island in the caribbean (or anywhere else)!

I am based in Edgerton, KS which is about 40 minutes from downtown Kansas City.

Where are you located + Do you travel?